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Discover our Erasmus KA1 training courses at our exotic locations.

About TrainMeOut

TrainMeOut is part of MeOut Group, an international organization focusing on education and innovation for over 10+ years.

Throughout the years we organized trainings in 20+ countries, for 1000+ educators on more than 30 topics.

Our courses are designed to be fully funded by Erasmus KA1 grants!

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out, Train MeOut provides a supportive learning environment that will help you grow personally and professionally.


Choose from our wide range of Erasmus+ structured courses delivered by our experienced and qualified trainers.


At Train MeOut, we are devoted to providing the best possible experience for our participants.

At our trainings we offer the following:


Budapest, Hungary


Madeira, Portugal


Platamonas, Greece


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