TrainMeOut offers enjoyable, practical, engaging, and empowering training experience. Where you can choose from our wide range of Erasmus+ KA1 structured courses, delivered by our experienced and qualified trainers.

Why not cohoose the city always wanted to visit, and connect the sightseeing, or a swim in the ocean, with hands on learning experience?


Please keep in mind

Training sessions will be confirmed by us via email, only when we have reached the minimum number of participants.

Please DO NOT book your ticket and accommodation until you don’t get our official confirmation about the training will be held, otherwise we can not guarantee a price return!

All our trainings can be covered by KA1 funds!

Please before applying, indicate if you have KA1 fund available on the registration form.

If you don’t have and wish to apply, then we also have organizations with OID number so you have a partner on board already!

If you want to know more about the KA1 or other funds available, visit our page about it and get to know more!


To apply for a course, you can use the enrollment form on our website.

Once you submit your registration, we will then contact you with the course confirmation and provide information regarding payment.

It includes all the related costs about the course, like fee of profession trainer, materials and all administrative costs.

The courses can be paid via bank transfer, and via bank card. Know more about our secured payment service provider.

In order to secure your place at a course you need to book in advance and make payment. This is the only way you can make sure of your participation, otherwise someone else could take your place.

Our courses usually lasts 5 days, if not indicated otherwise. However keep in mind that the first day is already a full training day starting from morning hours.

Certainly! Upon completion of the course, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

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