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The dates listed in this guide represent future available time slots. These are occasions and events to look forward to or plan for. Don’t miss out on these important days and opportunities!

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AI in Education: Unlocking Potential with TechnologyHungary, Italy, Spain2024 march 25-29ConfirmedApply now
Blended, Remote, and Hybrid Learning in Online EducationHungary, Spain2024 april 1-5ConfirmedApply now
ClassComm: Elevating Classroom CommunicationCroatia, Romania2024 april 8-12ConfirmedApply now
Collaborative Classroom: Building Teamwork in EducationItaly, Portugal, Denmark2024 april 15-19ConfirmedApply now
Effective Teaching Through Soft SkillsCroatia, Romania2024 april 22-26ConfirmedApply now
Empowering Education with Microsoft: Tools for Creating, Sharing, and InspiringPortugal, Hungary, Denmark2024 april 29 – may 3ConfirmedApply now
Harmony in Class: Empowering Educators with Conflict Management SkillsSlovenia, Hungary, Romania, Spain2024 may 6 – 10ConfirmedApply now
Mastering the Art of Public SpeakingItaly, Spain, Hungary2024 may 13 – 17ConfirmedApply now
Unlocking the Power of Leadership in the ClassroomItaly, Portugal, Denmark2024 may 27 – 31ConfirmedApply now
Teaching with Social Media in the Future ClassroomSlovenia, Hungary, Romania, Spain2024 june 3 – 7ConfirmedApply now
Visual Arts for Effective Communication and LearningSlovaki, Slovenia, Denmark, Hungary2024 june 10 – 14ConfirmedApply now
Empowering Education with Microsoft: Tools for Creating, Sharing, and InspiringHungary, Denmark, Romania2024 june 17 – 21ConfirmedApply now

Additional courses are coming…

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